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My skils som Graphic Designer och art director:

Creative thinking.

Create design projects with understanding for what target audience it is intended, what budget frameworks are available and how to handle them, the development of different sets of different designs.

Development of concept of brand development.

Development of concept of brand and appropriate design (for example, if it is a feminine brand, design concepts would be not the same if you create concept of design for a masculine brand).

Design for various types of advertising (POSM, HoReCa, Retail, ATL, BTL ...)

Color correction, retouching, sorting, layout for subsequent printing, preparation of files for printing in the printer.

Good computer skills (Mac, PC, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
Drawing, painting (I developed my own technique for painting with watercolor and acrylic ink).

Contact with the customer.

Contact with the typography.





This is the letter of recommendation from my last job in Young&Rubicam Moscow.

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