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2005 – 2012

Young & Rubicam (www.y& Moscow, Russian Federatio. Public Company; 10,001+ employees; WPPGY; Marketing and Advertising industry.


It is one of the leading creative agencies in the world, with a full range of services - from the creation of brand concepts to the production of promotional materials.

I have been working there since 2005 to 2012.
2005-2007 - designer;
2007-2009 - Junior Art Director of the Creative Department;
2009-2012 - art director.

Working in this company gave me the opportunity to develop my creative abilities. I started working as a designer / creative designer in the company, then I was offered to move to the company's creative department as a junior art director, after a while I was transferred as a kind director.
There were (are) several creative groups in the agency. I have worked in the creative group called the "Phillip Morris Group" (our main client). The creative group consisted of: junior art director, art director, copywriter, creative group head. As an art director, I had several designers in charge.

As a creative designer, I have worked to:
- Create a creative concept of brand, design and layout of printing products;
- Prepare advertising materials for the printing industry;
- Quality control of layouts for polygraphy;
- Collaboration with customers and printers;
- And also color correction, retouching, photography, layout, preparation for printing, etc.

As an art director, I was responsible for:
- Develop advertising concepts and brand brand advertising campaigns for next year in accordance with the consumer market, understanding the target audience, "geography" of the sale, the budget intended for the development of a specific brand;
- Collaborate with the customer and present my ideas and advertising projects to the customer (in English);
- Participate in external and internal tenders (performance contracts) of companies for various advertising campaigns. For example, I participated in an internal tender for a social advertisement, prepared for the "Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival". My project was an advertisement for anorexia. Within this advertising project I came up with several ideas, one of which was the idea of ​​an animated video.
- Participate in the creative group's "Brainstorming" (most fascinating moment at work).
- Developed ideas and designs for packaging and materials to promote the market according to the concept of brand.

You can see several of my works / ideas on the website:


"AGA" Chemical and Automotive Company

Graphic Designer in marketing department in charge of creative design.Developed flyers, calendars, catalogs and other marketing material.




"Avangard  Press" Advertising Agency Graphic Designer of prototypes for calendars, leaflets, flyers.




Arms and Technology Publishing HouseGraphic Designer for military encyclopedia/catalogue.



"ASG-Video Film" Graphic Designer of packaging for video tapes, posters, calendars, brochures, and labels.


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