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My name is Ekaterina Andersson.

I was born and raised in Russia, Moscow (1970). I am living in Sweden since 2012. 


I started to draw in childhood. As long as I remember I wanted to be an artist when I would grow up. When I should go out in life I did not trust my capacity to be an full time artist, so I studied at University of Architecture. That was two years preliminary courses where I studied perspective, proportions, constructions etc. Then I got my six years master degree in Graphic Art and Illustrations in Moscow State University of Printing Arts of Ivan Fedorov. I studied drawing and painting with different teachers and from everyone I learned something different, something new.
At the same time when I was studying I worked as a graphic designer and later as an art-director with a lot of responsibility but never got the personal satisfaction I needed.


Now, that I am living in Sweden, I changed my life and started to draw and paint full time with focus on watercolor and ink.

I believe that my experience, educations and, what is most important, personal contacts and conversations with different art teachers whom i was happy to meet in my life and who have given me so much knowledge, developed my understanding of being a human being and how to look at the world, because all of them were some kinde of philosophers with deep feelings and knowledges. All of that make me possible to draw that way I do and which demands a lot of preparations, concentrations and ability to focus on details.

My favorite artists, old masters, from whom I get inspiration are Durer, Peter Brueghel the elder, Bosch; swedish illustrators: John Bauer, Rolf Jonas Lidberg, Gustav Robert Hogfeldt, Carl Larsson osv.
I get a great influence on me also from some russian artists and illustrators.

I hope that nothing will happen in my life that will make me stop drawing.

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